Metapsych Study Skills & Online

Study Skills

Grade 1-3

This course aims to help ease the transition to “Big School, with Good Habits, an Introduction to Homework and Visual Learning Tools.

Grade 4

An introduction to Formal Assessment this course is aimed at the first time test taker. The programme identifies Learning Styles, Creating a Learning Environment and Time Management, Basic Study Skills and Test and Exam Techniques.

Grades 5-7

Learning Styles, a Basic Memory Starter Kit, Basic Study Skills and Assessment Preparation.

Individualized programmes, presented one-on-one and tailored to the learner’s needs.

Grade 8-10

Learning Styles, Advanced Study Skills, Memory Top-Up, Test and Exam Preparation.

Grade 11-12

Boosting Productivity, Note-Taking, Critical Reasoning, Memory Models, Advanced Study Skills and Exam Preparation.

Matric Preparation 

Matric Exam Skills. 


The pandemic put everything online. Since 2020 all of Metapsych’s programmes are facilitated either in person or online.

Digibooks for remote learning are also available.

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