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My daughter has always been a Top Ten student. When she migrated to high school, I noticed a slow but steady drop in her marks. She was working just as hard, but not achieving the same results. I could see that she was struggling to transition into the new way of answering and interpreting the work.I was told about Shannon by a friend and skeptically decided to give it a try. My daughter instantly related to her and after just one intense 4 hour session, her marks, as well as her attitude towards her work have improved dramatically! Thank you Shannon, you are truly an angel.”

“ A very interesting course which I think is beneficial to every child. The techniques shown by Shannon was most amazing. I believe this study course will be an advantage to my son, as he now has the idea of the skills and notes which now needs to be put into as much practice as possible. Memory is key to everything and now that we have been shown how to use this, we as a  family are definitely going to experiment on everything that we have learnt. This course has been important not only to Khinaal, but to us as parents as well. Thank you to Shannon for your expertise and knowledge.”

“When I first went to Shannon, my marks were good but they weren’t the high standard that I wanted them to be. With her guidance and using tips and tricks from her course, my marks have improved significantly as has my attitude to my schoolwork. Her study methods help make the most out of my time and help me retain the information. My overall average has improved by 4% and I’m achieving the marks I know I’m capable of. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to better their study routine and anyone who wants to push their marks from average to excellent.”

Hi there! I wanted to tell you how impressed I was with Joshua. All his own work and achieving an average of 72% this last term! He’s decided he wants to get 75-80% in some of his subjects. We are so chuffed – Kind regards Gudrun

"Good day Shannon 
I don't know if you get feedback! BUT I JUST WANT TO SAY A HUGE BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, I was at my wits end when I reached out to you and look at that, we have a 50% increase on some of the subjects!!! It's absolutely unbelievable, you are a miracle worker!"